Camp PiP


Camp PiP is an immersion of yoga, mindfulness, literacy, creative arts + outdoor play. Students will spend their day participating in an array of experiences:

  • Learning various breathing techniques

  • Practicing yoga

  • Studying presence and the art of living-in-the-moment

  • Discussing strategies to implement when faced with challenging situations

  • Painting, drawing, or creating

  • Reading and writing

  • Playing STEM games

  • Walking to one of Piermont’s parks, local art exhibits, and/or Public Library

  • Collaboratively making a healthy snack or meal with their teachers and peers

  • Observing their thoughts through meditation; learning ways to respond rather than react



November 5*

November 7

November 8

November 11

November 29**

November 30**

December 13*

December 26 - 27

December 30 - January 1**

We follow the South Orangetown Central School District calendar

*Indicates half day of school/camp

**Indicates Holiday Rate


$100 1 Child (Half-day Rate: $60; Holiday Rate: $125)

$180 2 Siblings (Half-day Rate: $110; Holiday Rate: $240)

$240 3 Siblings (Half-day Rate: $150; Holiday Rate: $350)

Wow! My three year old son had a fantastic time this week at the PIP camp. He has been talking non-stop about all the fun activities. He loved the independence of going places in Piermont without his parents. He talked about the big kid who read him a book at the library and the other big kid who helped him with the legos. He taught me how to do elephant pose and how to stand on one foot . . . and he told me that Katie reads the best stories. I look forward to more classes and camp at Peace in Piermont.
— Laura, August 2019