mindfulness matters


Katie is vibrant, kind, and compassionate. It is clear that she genuinely loves her work with kids, and it’s heartwarming to see them reciprocate.
— Laura, February 2019

Mindfulness class for Families at Peace in Piermont was an amazing experience for my whole family, including my toddler Son who is only 17 months old. Katie is wonderful with both kids and adults. ❤️ She knows how to create a loving and safe environment!
— Kinga, March 2019

My son really looks forward to his mindfulness class every Tuesday. It is a pleasure to see the classes help him to become more focused and well adjusted in a fun and caring environment. Thank you, Katie!
— Kay, February 2019

Peace in Piermont was a great place to take the kids! I took them during their week off from school and took an hour yoga class with my 3 boys (9yo, 5yo & 3yo). They were thoroughly engaged and focused & Katie is a wonderful teacher; she kept their interest in a calm, yet active manner. We all had fun doing yoga and trying new moves. I would definitely go again!
— Steve, February 2019

I recently had an in-home session with my two toddlers. Amelia & Alma had so much fun! They were excited to do new poses and stretch. They were truly in the moment. I’d love to continue see them cultivate mindfulness. I’d recommend these classes for any family seeking balance.
— Ismeida, November 2018

Both my 3-year-old and my 8-year-old are enjoying Katie’s classes. She has a wonderful way with young children. I am grateful for the work that she does.
— Kelly, December 2018

My 7-yr-old and 5-yr-old are both attending mindfulness classes with Katie in Piermont. I am so happy we found these classes- when I read about them I just knew this was something that would be so good for my children! My children are really enjoying the classes and come home sharing the wonderful things they have done and learned during class. Katie clearly loves what she does and creates a special atmosphere for the kids.
— Alexis, December 2018

Peace in Piermont is terrific. both my daughters love Katie. she is truly great with kids and cultivates their interest in yoga and provides a creative and entertaining atmosphere.
— Victor, March 2019

Camp PiP


My son got to attend camp at PiP, and he had a fabulous time. Katie’s warmth with the children makes them feel instantly comfortable. His highlights from the week include morning yoga, peaceful walks along the Hudson and a LEGO extravaganza with friends. Artwork and writing also came home with him, and he was excited to share what he had made. PiP is a local gem!
— Rachel, September 2019

My kids have only spent 1 day at this camp and they can’t stop talking about how much fun they had. This is a special “gem” in our community and I recommend everyone look into signing up your kids even for a day or two. Katie truly lets our kids be kids, but also leads them into an incredible mindful world and I am so glad they get to enjoy this time with her. Katie- you are incredible and I thank you for your patience (that I don’t have) haha, and for letting kids be kids but with mindful guidance! Kayla, Mason and I can’t wait to keep this fun “play” but mindfulness going at your studio!!!
— Brielle, august 2019

My almost 4 year old son had an amazing time at PIP camp. He loved every minute of his time in camp. His favorite part ‘all of it. My heart is smiling. And the downward dog. I like being upside down.’ Thanks for a great time! We can’t wait for many more happy days.
— alexandra, july 2019

I’m so grateful for the experience my daughter had at the Peace in Piermont spring break camp! Katie radiates love, beauty and joy and my daughter instantly felt a connection to her! My daughter loved exploring outside, doing yoga and all of the mindfulness activities Katie had planned. We look forward to more experiences with Peace In Piermont!
— Karen, April 2019

I loved sending my 6-year old son to Peace in Piermont’s Yoga and Mindfulness camp. I wondered what he would think since it was a change of pace from his regular routine and peer group, and he came home bright, happy and so eager to show us all of the poses he learned that day. As an at-home yogi, I love that we now have this connection to a practice that we both love and look forward to. I can’t wait for the opportunity to send him to another camp!
— Lorraine, May 2019

My son just spent the week at PiP “spring break” Mindfulness Camp. He loved spending the day with Katie and the other kids. Each day’s roster of activities was fun, engaging and thoughtful. And as a parent even more valuable than the joy he was having was knowing that he was safe and being taken care of by Katie. He’s bummed he can’t go back to camp this week!
— Jen, April 2019

Katie Stoeckeler has created a beautiful space and thoughtful activities for kids to grow into the habit of mindfulness! My daughter was able to attend one of her camps and enjoyed a variety of creative activities that clearly stem from Katie’s extensive training, background in education, and her years of working with kids. Katie’s energy and kindness are contagious and her creative ways for fostering mindfulness are inspiring. I highly recommend Peace in Piermont!
— Caitlyn, April 2019

Our children attended PiP Camp over Spring Break. They both looked forward to going and want to go again. We loved hearing about their adventures and glad at how exhausted they were at the end of the day from exercise and fresh air. Not only were our kids happy, we were at peace knowing they were in Katie’s good hands. It was a win-win for our family. Highly recommend.
— Susan, April 2019

My 5-year-old daughter adored her time with Peace in Piermont and has asked if she can ‘go every day’. She loved Katie and has definitely internalized what she learned. She is always talking about and reminding us to be mindful.
— Dina, April 2019

mindfulness matters,

adult edition

I went with a friend to Peace in Piermont to try an adult mindfulness/yoga class. I was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful Katie is as a teacher. She is patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. I am looking forward to taking more classes to help with life challenges, stress, and total well being. Thank you, Katie!
— Anne Marie, April 2019

I recently took an adult mindfulness class with Katie and was very impressed. She focused on techniques for relaxation including both breathing and yoga and her knowledge and experience were so apparent. I’m eager to continue with her classes as a way to achieve some serenity in the daily hustle of life!
— June, April 2019

goddess party


Peace in Piermont is a perfect addition to the local community. I have attended two events so far; a Goddess Party and a Self-Love Workshop. The atmosphere that Katie creates is beautiful, elegant and also raw and so real. Sharing moments and experiences with such incredible women has helped me grow in my journey. I have never felt so loved, accepted and at peace with myself as when I am at a Peace in Piermont event. I cannot wait to go to so many more. I am especially looking forward to the workshop on essential oils!
— Amanda, January 2019

I went to a Goddess Party at Katie’s and it was absolutely beautiful! everything from the food to the décor, even the lavender water was so thoughtful and created the perfect ambiance to embody the energy of a goddess. The container Katie creates feels safe and welcoming for all goddesses to be themselves and share freely and openly from their hearts. It was a truly special event that touched me deeply and I left feeling connected to and nourished by Katie and the other magnificent women there. Can’t wait for the next one!”
— Margot, December 2019

I attended a Goddess Night hosted by Peace in Piermont, and it was absolutely perfect. Every detail was well thought out to make the evening comfortable and flow smoothly. The food was unreal, but didn’t leave us feeling sluggish or gross, no matter how much we ate, the supported and guided circle was absolutely beautiful and so meaningful to everyone involved. And there were flower crowns! You can never go wrong with a beautiful flower crown!! I can’t wait for the next one. Katie is an amazing woman, with such a wonderful way to help bring together woman, guide them, and make them feel like ultimate Goddesses.
— Leigh, November 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie at a goddess gathering she hosted. She was a joy to be around, and her overall attitude was contagious. She provided a safe space that welcomed any and all thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to many more!
— Mallory, April 2019

I recently attended a goddess party, it was a fantastic event. Katie creates such a welcoming atmosphere, every detail was thought of. I left feeling refreshed yet energized. I am excited to attend more events in the future.
— Nicole, March 2019

Recently attended a Goddess Gathering with Katie. The whole experience was amazing. The space was welcoming, the group was open and non-judgemental, and the discussion between the goddesses flowed naturally. I would highly recommend spending some healing time with Katie.
— Layla, April 2019

Peace in Piermont has become an invaluable part of my life - having recently moved to town, I took a leap of faith and attended the Goddess Party. It was a special evening of forming a community of supportive, strong women; each with their own stories, but all offering words of courage and encouragement. Thank you Katie Stoeckeler!!
— Abi, June 2019

holistic health coach


When I turned 55 this past January I decided to make some changes. As my children are all grown, I decided to invest time in myself. I needed to make some changes in pretty much every aspect of my life: smoking, sleep habits, food quality, and quantity. I have attempted numerous times over the past years to make the necessary changes, to no avail. This past March I made the decision to work with Katie. I am happy to say as of today I have been cigarette free since May 16th, sleep better than I have in the past 30 years, and have lost a total of 34 pounds. Katie’s work style easily fits into my busy life and I look forward to our weekly chats. Katie will gently nudge, kindly remind, and point me in a healthy direction, one that I needed to go in. I work hard, both at home and at work, taking care of what needs to get done. So glad I made the decision to take care of me. Money well spent!
— Lisa, November 2017

Katie appeared in my life at a time of personal loss, professional upheaval and general chaos. She guided me through this painful and confusing time while showing me the utmost kindness and compassion. She also provided a safe space for me to step out of my comfort zone.

As a life coach, I found Katie to be relatable. She understood the mentality of a former athlete. Furthermore, she is a great listener with a calming presence and a wealth of knowledge. In the short time I have been working with Katie, I have grown immensely. I have tackled things that once seemed out of reach and overwhelming. I am more patient with myself and others and I take the time to *breathe* before acting or reacting.

Basically, Katie is awesome and I am grateful to have had the chance to work with her. I am in a clearer, organized, open, and peaceful space than I have been in a long time.
— Gina, July 2019

Katie will absolutely help you narrow down your goals. Whether short term, long term, health or profession related (or both) just having someone who sincerely wants to see you reach those goals is a great connection to make and keep. Katie got me to finally buckle down and make a page for my art, after years of thinking, “I’ll do it someday.” Katie will help you do it NOW!
— Sara, January 2018

Katie! I want to take the opportunity to love on you. I watched you in that women’s circle and saw a leader. You shifted the whole vibe, sister. I saw us women sharing ourselves and our stories, and at the same time covering up the emotions surrounding those reveals. It felt as if it was hard for us to be vulnerable, to let ourselves feel into the pain or whatever our situation brought forth. Until you spoke. You shared from this grounded, vulnerable, open space that invited a sigh from the rest of us, a relaxing of our shoulders; our bellies let go. I swear. I’ve wanted to share with you how I see you, and so I’m taking the opportunity. You share of yourself authentically, and it creates safety. You are a natural leader by setting the example of authenticity, vulnerability, and through that strength. And you genuinely care about people, and we feel it.
— Summer, May 2018

Katie is a bolt of energy! Working with her weekly helped me to clarify and work towards my health and life goals in a way that felt manageable. She has an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from which makes any challenges that come up feel completely achievable. I am so delighted to have Katie on my team!
— Jess, March 2018

In Just a matter of weeks I have noticed my life take a positive turn. Katie has been the support I needed to mastermind some health concerns & now targeting a career change. My interjections with her have lead me on a path of introspection and self re-discovery. I now feel once again motivated. Thanks for your coaching, wisdom and making this Mom of 2 feel like she can conquer. I can feel Katie smiling and cheering me on this journey.
— Ismeida, May 2018

Katie is seriously amazing! She’s wonderful at discerning achievable goals and helps you work toward them by serving as a positive reinforcement. She’s not judgmental at all and helps to create plans that work for you specifically. Her dedication, hard work, love and light truly inspire and make you want to follow suit!
— Max, May 2018

Katie is a special coach. She not only takes the time to get to know you but she makes the time to reach out, check on you, and make you feel like a priority. Every time Katie and I talk I feel refreshed and energized. She always has great ideas and suggestions or offers to research what she doesn’t know. Katie genuinely supports my goals and roots for me, and her authenticity is motivating. I would and do recommend her to everyone and I know I wouldn’t be the same without her.
— Melissa, November 2018