Peace in Piermont all began with a walk in the park…

My family and I were walking home from feeding the ducks on a beautiful September night. As we walked through Flywheel Park in our hometown, Piermont, our daughter Scarlett ran toward the center of the park and embraced two little boys who ran to meet her. Sebastian, Dion, and I looked at one another, smiled, and walked over to meet her new friends. The kids had recently transferred to a new school and it was quite heart-warming to see they’d already made new friends, as would we…

As we approached the group of kids and their parents, the adults introduced themselves and we made fast friends. They added us to a local community group in which people share information on meet-ups, local events, and extra-curricular activities.

A few weeks later, I shared with the group that I was thinking about offering kids yoga and mindfulness classes and asked if anyone was interested in registering their child(ren). Within forty-eight hours, both sessions of the classes I proposed offering were fully booked.

Peace in Piermont is a passion project birthed from the strong desire to teach children and their families the importance of living in the present moment.

As a former special-education teacher, I witnessed the dire need for children to learn social-emotional skills, and to understand themselves deeper.

Between bullying, high-stakes testing, and countless other stressors, children today are faced with more pressure than ever before.

Adults don’t have it much easier. It’s no wonder the rates of addiction and alcoholism have sky-rocketed in recent years, considering the extreme expectations we are giving children at remarkably young ages. Suicide rates have also increased over 25% in the last twenty years - a statistic that should prove to all of us that mental health needs to become our main priority in society. We are neglecting to teach our children how to love and care for themselves along the way, and as adults, we are either ill equipped to do the same for ourselves, or ignoring our own needs.

Peace in Piermont offers classes that teach children and adults mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and various strategies for coping with stress, while simultaneously building community amongst them. There are also classes and workshops available for parents that provide support for any obstacles they are enduring with their children - socially, emotionally or behaviorally.

It is my dream to continuously grow and cultivate sacred space for humans of all ages to learn, support and connect with one another as we practice the art of “being here now.”


Katie’s Certifications + Trainings

        RYT-200, Jamie Surya Yoga Studio

        95-Hour Children Yoga + Mindfulness Teacher Training, ChildLight Yoga

         8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, Yale Stress Center, Anne Dutton

         200-Hour Holistic Health Coach Training, Inner Harmony, Susan Cartiglia          

M.S.Ed., Special Education + Literacy (1-6), Mount Saint Mary College

         B.S. Childhood Education (1-6), State University of New York at New Paltz

NYS Initial Certification in Early Childhood Education (Birth-Grade 2)

NYS Initial Certification in Literacy (Birth-6)

NYS Initial Certification in Special Education (1-6)

NYS Initial Certification in Special Education (B-2)

NYS Initial Certification in Childhood Education (1-6)