What is holistic health?


To me, holistic health is resetting your mind, body and soul and reconnecting or aligning with your true self. It’s about letting go of all the negative memes, patterns and routines that do not serve your greatest good and replacing them with ideas and action that will aide you in cultivating your dream life. There is no finish line with holistic health – it is a journey in which you learn about foods, affirmations and habits that support you in feeling your best. 


As your holistic health coach, I am here to:

- listen

- help you make lifestyle changes 

- support a body or weight goal

- create a holistic behavior plan for your child(ren)

- devise a plan for time management 

- develop weekly meal plans that align with your nutritional goals 

- establish self-love routines

- introduce ways of enhancing any relationships that need support and guidance 

- guide you through cleansing your home and, in turn, mind

- share strategies to help you become more present in everyday life

-teach you about essential oils 

- educate you on the power of mantras and affirmation 

It is my mission to help you become the best version of yourself – whatever that may look like to to you. Together, we will create and cultivate a safe space for us to work through any challenges you’re facing and knock down any walls you may have subconsciously built up against yourself. At any point in your life, you are able to reinvent yourself and be the ‘you’ you’ve always dreamt of. Now is your time. 

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