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a mindfulness studio for humans of all sizes.

Mindfulness for Humans of All Sizes


 Peace in Piermont was created with the intention of teaching children, adults and families the importance of living in the present moment.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is our ability to be completely present and aware of where we are, and what we are doing with openness, curiosity and acceptance. Although mindfulness is innate, it can be cultivated via scientific methods, especially through seated, standing, or walking meditation.

Studies say that eight in ten Americans experience stress in their everyday lives and have a difficult time relaxing their bodies and calming their minds. This puts them at a greater risk of heart disease, stroke and various other illnesses.

Multiple studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can change the brain’s gray matter and brain regions linked with memory, the sense of self, the regulation of emotions and improved quality of sleep.

PiP Mindfulness DAY camp


Reserve Your child’s Adventure today

My son just spent the week at PiP ‘spring break’ Mindfulness Camp. He loved spending the day with Katie and the other kids. Each day’s roster of activities was fun, engaging and thoughtful. And as a parent is even more valuable than the joy he was having was knowing that he was safe and being taken care of by Katie. He’s bummed he can’t go back to camp this week!
— Jennifer

Kids’ yoga + Mindfulness

In our children’s yoga and mindfulness classes, students learn to connect their brain, body and breath. Throughout various games, exercises, writing activities, creative art projects and multi-sensory learning, students will:

  • Strengthen their pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that’s responsible for executive functioning — this encompasses our abilities to plan ahead, manage challenging emotions, focus our attention, respond thoughtfully, etc.

  • Discover their innate ability to self-regulate their bodies and emotions

  • Practice ways of activating their parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to calm their bodies and combat stress

  • Understand the value of remaining in the present moment

  • Be exposed to strategies that will help bring them into the present moment and sustain presence

My son and my daughter all love Katie! I do too, for that matter. She is incredibly talented in keeping the attention of the younger kids. My seven-year-old boy can be quite rambunctious, but she always has a strategy to keep him engaged and on task. I love the techniques that he comes home with, he will even initiate them on his own. Katie’s experience as a school teacher is readily apparent in how she runs her weekly mindfulness classes for the kids.
— Abigail

family mindfulness

Disconnect from the busy, technologically driven world around you and connect with your loved ones. Improve concentration, flexibility, coordination, and communication skills together while doing yoga, breathing, mindfulness games and more! Practicing as a family has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, while fostering and strengthening emotional connection.

Peace in Piermont was a great place to take the kids! I took them during their week off from school and took an hour yoga class with my 3 boys (9yo, 5yo & 3yo). They were thoroughly engaged and focused & Katie is a wonderful teacher; she kept their interest in a calm, yet active manner. We all had fun doing yoga and trying new moves. I would definitely go again!
— Steven

Upcoming Events


Princess Yoga Series
July 2019

So you want to be a princess? …but what does that entail? Yogis between the age of 3-6 will learn about compassion, empathy, kindness, and service in this four-week series!


Goddess Party
August 18, 2019

Connect. Support. Celebrate. Empower. Our Goddess Party’s are all about honoring our journeys in their entirety and uplifting one another in the process!

Holistic Behavior Management
August 2019

Each week will focus on specific behaviors and strategies for your children that will help regulate emotions. We will also discuss ways of creating a calm and collected environment at home, not just for the kids - but for you (and your partner) as well!